My home is in Northumberland, England, providing me with plenty of motivation to capture images of the countryside and coast at their best. Some of the best photographic opportunities in the UK exist here.
My passion for photography has taken me on extensive travels around the world, photographing scenes, landscapes, and events. I am told that my images have a distinctive style which captures the essence of the people and places I photograph. From the lavender and sunflowers of Provence, to the tea plantations and stilt fishermen of Southern India, and the grace and beauty of the National Dance Company of Cuba, the images in my picture library reflect the feeling I have for the subject. I don't mind admitting that the adventure which comes with the territory also adds to the enjoyment, and makes the image capture all the more valuable.
My images have been published widely, often with accompanying editorial; commissions have included work for magazines, calendars, and travel companies. Along the way, I have been fortunate to pick up several prizes and awards.
For some years now, I have been experimenting with my camera in many ways, and recently began to process these images. They portray a painterly, impressionist quality, which I hope you might enjoy, and are now available as fine art photographic prints in my Impressions Gallery.